Experiences from the pandemic are worth a whole lifetime! In this age of technological revolutions happening nearly everyday, schools have had a great opportunity to adopt and embrace technology that can not only aid classroom environments, but also prepare the next generation of youth for digital citizenship. At Vidhya Vishwalaya, Online Virtual Classes were successfully conducted for the Academic Year 2020-21, starting in early June 10, 2020, for all classes. This included live virtual sessions aided by interactive presentations, online homework, virtual events and more…

Live classes

Live interactive sessions ranging from 3-5 hours, 5 days a week


Exciting Homework on Google Classroom to aid day-to-day learning


Interactive presentations to visually aid live classes and make them enjoyable

Virtual Events

Website - Online Classes


Like everything else this year, Gokulashtami day events were held online, giving both the students and the teachers a first experience. Students of classes 1 and 2 narrated mythological stories from the life of Lord Krishna and other popular mythological characters associated with his life. Students of classes 3 and 4 role-played the various other Avatars of Lord Vishnu, while the students of Class 6 delivered eloquent speeches on their interpretations of various excerpts from The Gita. Though remotely held, the event brought students’ ideas and performances brought everybody closer to one another.

73rd Independence Day

Being the second online event of this year, we took things a little forward and more spontaneous with an Independence Day trivia to mark India’s 73rd anniversary of achieving Independence. Students from two teams Yin and Yang competed in 5 unique rounds spread across 3 levels. Titled “Independence movements and the Dominion era”, the quiz focused on a range of Independence movements that reminisced the sacrifices of millions of fellow Indians that these movements were made up of and those that steered India through the Dominion era. Team Yin outperformed Team Yang 267-158 points starting off a year-long contest full of competitive spirit and energetic participation.

Independence Day
Reigion and Mankind

Religion and mankind

In spirit of the October month theme – “Religion and Mankind”, students took part in various activities. Narration of inspiring stories on Forgiveness, speeches on the impacts of Religion on Mankind throughout History covered the event. The highlight of the event though, was the skit performances by students of Class 6. Achieving a well-coordinated, seamless performance despite being on a virtual platform stood testimony to the passion and tireless preparation of the students and teachers. Informative, Inspiring and Compelling!

children's day quiz

Children’s Day saw the continuation of the contest between Teams Yin and Yang in yet another Quiz.  The Quiz included 5 rounds in three levels covering subjects ranging from Animals to the International Organisations. Team Yin edged over Team Yang with a score of 289-250.

Children's day Quiz

What our parents said

We are really satisfied with the online teaching. We appreciate the great task in making online class successful. Teaching methods, notebook writing, revisions, tests, competitions everything gave direct class experience. Thanks for the great efforts taken during this pandemic.
Ms. Sathya Purushothaman
M/O Vishwesh L, Class 1
Appreciate the management and respectful teachers for giving wonderful teaching and guidance to the students. My daughter has no difficulties to learn with online classes at the school. Every teacher gives equal importance to all the students. Thank you!
Ms. Surekha
M/O Nidharsana J S, Class 2

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