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Field Trip – Book Fair

Vidhya Vishwalayans visited the Book Fair 2019 at CODISSIA, Coimbatore as a part of the field trip on 25.07.2019.

Students were enthralled to look into the immense collection of the books and had an opportunity to buy them according to their interest. They deemed it as a wonderful experience being with books of wider range and considered that as a motivation to enhance their knowledge by developing good reading habits.

“What we learn” becomes a part of “Who we are”. Our Vishwalayans combined learning with fun to a field trip to Gee Dee Museum. A museum which had an eclectic range of automobiles that leads to innovative creations. They had an experience of seeing different cars used in early 20th century. Students also visited the Gee Dee Science Museum. There they saw many science based equipments and inventions. They got an idea on effective usage of technology in their day to day life.  

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