BANK INVESTITURE CEREMONY- Among the many demands that our times pose, one very important & palpable is one’s necessity to keep a connect with the public sector functioning. And, the prime position of this sector is occupied by the bank. In order to connect oneself to a bank, starting early is very necessary. Keeping this in mind, we let our students run a bank of their own (Connected to Indian Bank Samathur). The 4th anniversary fest of the “CHILDREN’S BANK” was held on 30.06.2017.

The fest was lead by the bank manager who also delivered the welcome speech. Putting forth the ability, experience & passion of the team was the major part of this address. Later, the auditor of the “Children’s Bank” discussed strategical numbers. This was followed by the guest speakers-the language teachers. They talked about the evolving methods of saving.The chief guest’s speech followed. It talked of the necessity of keeping a saving and moving with the evolving ways.
This, overall was seen as a very opportune initiation that integrates in the students a sense of keeping a public connect.