Children’s Bank Day

School banking is a fun ,interactive and engaging way for the young to learn about money and develop good saving habits.
Our Hr.Sec. Students manage to run a bank in its original structure running about five hundred savings accounts of our students above class VI.

What Is School Banking?
School Banking can give your child some of the most important lessons they’ll ever learn regard to manage their own money and save for the future.
Teaching children the all-important skills of money management and savings when they are young can empower them for success in the future. School Banking plays an essential role in helping kids learn about money management and set up a regular savings routine alongside their friends. School Banking can teach valuable financial literacy skills that will last well beyond school life.
Children are taught the fundamentals of money through easy, fun exercises.

Today was one of the auspicious days. We celebrated this year CHILDREN’S BANKING DAY celebrations in our school. At this event, our correspondent preceded over the function. The Manager of Children’s Bank gave a wonderful speech. New office bearers were selected. The old office bearers did hand over their charges to the new comers.
The enlightened speech was given by our correspondent. He advised,
. “As a business student, you will master working with numbers, hone your analytical skills, strengthen your interpersonal skills, and develop a keen eye for detail.”
Awards were presented to the students who hold the largest saving balances and everlasting account holders at the end of this year. In the past four years, the student savings account program at SRI VAGISVARI VIDYA MANDIR MATRIC.HR.SEC.SCHOOL has achieved opening nearly 500 accounts in Children’s bank. The Program ended with a token of thanks.