NAVARATHIRI CELEBRATION- Navratri is one of the most significant and awaited Hindu festival. The zeal and excitement of the festival is evident all over India way before the actual festival starts. Navratri celebrations in India are grand and everyone wants to be a part of them.

SVVM celebrated Navarathri festivel with dedication and devotion . Housewise and open competition were held at different levels. Thirukural recitation, Dance,Music and English Elocution on the topics “ Significance of Kolu”, ‘Indian culture depends on Vedas-significance of Yajur, or sama,or Atharvana or Rig Vedas and its implementation in our day to day life’ and ‘ Students’ Role in building of a nation, bound by its ethnic culture’.
Moral stories were given by the students.KG students appeared different fancy dresses –particularly in gods’ costumes.
Our school displayed a Golu on the eve of Navarathri in our School temple. Students and mentors brought wonderful idols and clay puppets to exhibit in that stand.
Golu was arranged in a grand manner in our school. Amman was decorated beautifully along with many toys displayed with various concepts.