Usage of electricity & its awareness


One of the most important needs of the present day economy and society is the energy without which not only the functioning of the economy suffers a lot but the taste and color of the social life is greatly reduced.

What exactly is energy awareness?
For a general definition, we think it would be reasonable to say that energy awareness is about understanding:
• how much energy we use (both directly and indirectly);
• what we actually use it for;
• where the energy comes from;
• the knock-on effects of us using it (e.g. environmental impact, depletion of resources); and
• what we can do to reduce our energy consumption and its undesirable knock-on effects.
However, although that might be appropriate for a textbook definition of energy awareness, it sounds a lot like we’re talking about the energy awareness of the human race as a whole. Not that there’s anything wrong with a definition that talks about the human race as a whole, but thinking of energy awareness in that way is not ideal when you’re trying to come up with an energy-awareness campaign that will reduce energy consumption at our organization…
You don’t need your building’s occupants to gain a holistic awareness of energy consumption; you just need them to understand enough to stop wasting so much energy themselves!
And, since your mission is to save energy in your building, it’s what the occupants do when they’re at work that matters.