Shri Vageswari Educational Charitable Trust

Founded in 1997 by P Karthikeyan and P K Paramasivam, with the primary goal of making education accessible to the people of the region, the Trust commenced operations with one school Sri Vagisvari Vidya Mandir Matriculation Higher Secondary School (SVVM MHSS). Over the past two decades, having amassed a wealth of experience and trust, we embarked on a new journey with Vidhya Vishwalaya CBSE School. The Trust currently caters to over a thousand students from over fifty villages and towns in and around Pollachi.

Vidhya Vishwalaya

Founded in 2018, Vidhya Vishwalaya was first and foremost born out of necessity. The challenges that children born in the 21st century are likely to face in their adulthood, are both similar and different to the years past, but either ways are the greatest to face humankind yet. An education and a system of schooling that is geared to prepare the students for such a future is an immediate imperative. And that is exactly what Vidhya Vishwalaya is designed to do.

To do this is no easy task. Teachers and instructors must be prepared to take up this challenge and the task of adjusting their craft to this imperative also falls on the educational institutions. As a consequence, Vidhya Vishwalaya, apart from educating and training students, is also keen on sustaining a dynamic train-the trainer framework. This way, we are creating a cynosure for a community that is willing to learn and grow together; to conserve and conquer!

Motto: Conquer | Conserve

This is often construed to be counter-intuitive. To conquer and then conserve is an age old idea, but we no longer live in a world where that is wise. In the world of tomorrow, conservation is the only kind of conquest. We embrace a motto that aligns with our goal of preparing citizens for an uncertain and challenging future.


Name Designation Subject(s) handled Highest qualification Email
Mrs. D.Vaishnavi Priya Principal Chemistry M.Sc, B.Ed  
Mrs. Jaflet Frank PGT English MA, B.Ed  
Mrs. Geetha PGT Physics M.Sc, B.Ed*  
Mr. Suresh PGT Tamil MA, B.Ed  
Mrs. Pavithra PGT Biology M.Sc, B.Ed  
Mrs. Saranya PGT Mathematics M.Sc, B.Ed  
Mrs. Sajna TGT Social Studies BE  
Ms. Saranyadevi TGT Social Studies B.Sc, MBA, B.Ed*  
Ms. Aasha TGT English BA, B.Ed  
Ms. Reshma PRT English BA, B.Ed  
Ms. Ashitha Anand PRT Mathematics M.Sc, B.Ed*  
Mrs. Nithya Devi PRT Hindi BA, DT.Ed  
Mr. Joel PGT (PET) Physical Education B.P.Ed  

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