Hike in the Anamalais

In the monsoon season, students of Vidhya Vishwalaya go on a hike in the Anamalais range. The 6 km covers some of the most pristine and valuable parts of the Shola forests in the Anamalais range. This will also include parts of the Karian Shola National Park, a famed heritage site in the Anamalais.

During the hike, students experience the trail transition from dry-deciduous to tropical evergreen forests. From birding and animal sightings in the dry-deciduous forests, to frogs, reptiles, Lianas and the long-stemmed, woody vine trees that are tall and huge, in the moist, evergreen forest patches.

This is a recreational as well as an educational experience for our students as they get to witness the richness of biodiversity in their own hometown. Since this is a major biodiversity spot in our hometown, it is crucial students become aware and develop a sense of responsibility towards the region.

Heritage Visit

In the Deepavali festival season, students of Vidhya Vishwalaya visit a heritage site, usually a heritage city. During the trip they will cover some of the most prominent historical sites in and around the city such as palaces, museums & galleries, archeological sites, city centres, markets, gardens, religious sites etc.

As Global Citizens of the 21st century, it becomes essential for students to develop an understanding of the histories that have contributed to the making of our society today; how past lives impact present and future lives! This visit also gives students the opportunity to be inspired by major and minor historic personalities and events.

This recreational cum educational trip aims to develop a () for critical and responsible reading of history, as they will shape their thinking vastly in their own lives.

Orphanage Visit

On Children’s Day every year students of Vidhya Vishwalaya visit and engage with the Gandhi Ashram in Anamalai town. The Ashram manages the orphanage among many other social welfare activities. Our students interact with the children and members in the Ashram in meaningful educational endeavours, such as story narration, art, sports & games, tree plantation activities etc.

The experience is aimed at allowing our students to experience new perspectives of peers their own age, and also expose them to Gandhian principles and values which is professed in the Ashram.

Rural Immersion

Around the National Good Governance Day on 25th December, every year, students visit a village in the locality, meet with local government officials, elected representatives, citizens and innovators in the respective village. More than a visit, this is designed as an immersion experience, where students aim to understand the working of the local government apparatus and its alignment with the understanding and aspirations of the locals.

During the immersion, students use questionnaires to interview the officials and people they meet. Following the immersion, the data collected is compiled and students engage in discussions based on their findings. This exercise is then used as the basis for an Awareness Drive that students design and implement in the same village, during the summer.

This complete activity is aimed at giving students a deeper understanding of life in a village and the complex political and administrative realities there. It also exposes students to real-world problems and real-world practices used to address those problems.

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