The Utopian Club

The Utopian Club is the literary club at Vidhya Vishwalaya School. Led by the English Faculty, The Utopian Club goes beyond traditional book reading activities. It is a vibrant space dedicated to fostering creativity, language development, and self-expression through a diverse range of literary activities. Among the range of activities by the Club is Theatre, providing a platform for students to delve into the world of drama, teamwork, communication, and self-confidence.

Throughout the academic year, The Utopian Club curates an array of events and activities, from engaging book discussions to immersive creative writing workshops, captivating dramatic performances, and enlightening public speaking forums. Read-a-Thon, a week-long reading competition and Thespians, a theatre festival, two of our most anticipated events every year.

The Utopian Club is a community of literary enthusiasts, a space where imagination takes flight, and where the magic of words transforms into a source of inspiration; where every word is a step towards self-discovery, every story is an adventure waiting to unfold, and every expression finds its unique voice.

Debate Society

A dedicated space for articulate expression and intellectual engagement is the Debate Society at Vidhya Vishwalaya. The society offers a platform for students to explore, challenge, and refine their perspectives on a diverse range of subjects.

Led by Mr. Goutham Adithya Varma of the Social Science faculty, the Debate Society is committed to honing the skills of effective communication and critical thinking. Students engage in thought-provoking discussions and immerse themselves in a variety of activities and engage with complex readings to develop their debating prowess.

Throughout the academic year, the society hosts up to five school-level debates, providing students with ample opportunities to articulate their viewpoints and refine their argumentative skills. One of the highlights is the school-level Youth Parliament event held during Republic Day, where students simulate parliamentary proceedings, fostering a deeper understanding of democratic processes.

Beyond the school walls, members of the Debate Society train and participate in Model United Nations (MUN) competitions. These experiences not only broaden their horizons but also instil in them a sense of global citizenship and diplomacy.

The Debate Society is not just a platform for discussion; it is a dynamic space where students evolve into confident communicators, critical thinkers, and socially aware individuals. Here’s to the art of expression, the spirit of debate, and the power of informed discourse!


Yuvavriksha, the Social Club at Vidhya Vishwalaya School, is aimed at fostering awareness among students about the society that they live in. Headed by the faculty from the Social Science department, Yuvavriksha endeavours to make students aware of the society they inhabit by engaging them in a diverse array of activities throughout the academic year.

At the core of Yuvavriksha’s mission is the celebration and observance of important social and cultural events and festivals. Through these occasions, students are not only introduced to the rich tapestry of our society but are actively involved in activities that foster cultural understanding and a critical social consciousness.

Among the club’s activities, the most anticipated are the impactful field trips providing students with firsthand experiences of social dynamics and cultural diversity. The field trips include a Hike in the Anamalais, a Heritage tour, an Orphanage visit and Rural immersion, once a year. These excursions are designed to enrich their perspectives, instil empathy, and cultivate a sense of responsibility towards the community.

Throughout the academic year, Yuvavriksha actively engages in various social and cultural observances, creating an inclusive environment where students can learn, reflect, and actively participate in shaping a harmonious society. Cultural events play a pivotal role in Yuvavriksha’s calendar, offering students a platform to showcase their talents and celebrate the mosaic of traditions that make up our society. From dance and music performances to art exhibitions, these events provide a space for creative expression and cultural exchange.

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