Classrooms at Vidhya Vishwalaya are the primary centres for teaching and learning. Classroom spaces are designed to be airy, spacious, bright and offer enough room for creative expression of students and teachers. The walls are lined with pin-up boards that display the creative works of students and teachers. All classrooms are digitised, equipped with an interactive board and audio-video systems. Students use pressed-wood-on-steel furniture spread throughout the classroom for their seating and as workstations.


Composite Science Laboratory

Vidhya Vishwalaya houses a composite laboratory for experimentation in Physical and Natural Sciences. The lab is equipped with best in class apparatus to allow students up to Grade 10 to perform all experiments and activities suggested in their curriculum.

Maths Laboratory

A Mathematics laboratory is attached to the library and serves as a space for learning Maths through visual and interactive tools. Although not mandatory to curriculum, our teachers make effective use of this space to support students’ learning processes and achieve intended curriculum objectives.


An Information and Computer Technology laboratory at Vidhya Vishwalaya is used by students from Grade 1 to Grade 10. Recently added curricular objectives offer a wide scope for the use of the ICT lab. Currently, students learn and use Microsoft Office, Scratch block-based coding and HTML & Java programming at the ICT lab.


Vidhya Vishwalaya houses a library with a collection of books serving students from Kindergarten to Grade 10. Books include Academic Guides, Fiction, Non-fiction, Biographies, Activity books and self-learning guides. The library also subscribes to six periodicals and two daily newspapers. The library also often serves as the venue for various Utopian Club activities and semi-formal debates and discussions for and by students.


Physical Education

Indoor Sports Facility

The indoor sports facility at Vidhya Vishwalaya is attached to the cafeteria and acts as a space for both recreational and professional training activities. The facility houses various toys for Kindergarten children and additionally a Table Tennis table, a Foosball table, Carrom and Chess boards.

Tennis Court

The Vidhya Vishwalaya campus houses a Clay surface Tennis court in its grounds. The doubles court is used by students from Grade 4 to Grade 9 in both beginner and intermediate levels.

5-a-side football pitch

The campus grounds also include a 5-a-side football pitch. The natural grass pitch is used by students of Grade 4 to 9 and also by the school’s U-14 football team to train on.

Children’s Play area

In the grounds is a Children’s play area for Kindergarten children and students of Class 1-2. This area houses a slide, swings, see-saw, climber, balance walker and a cycle-merry-go-round.

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