“The body’s well being is the mind’s” Same so, “The workplace’s harmony is the work’s”. Not just by words, but also by deeds, we keep to the ways, making sure our children get to work in the most harmonious of places.

The ambience of the work atmosphere has deep-felt effects on the work. You as parents, cannot allow bad classroom or school atmospheres to hinder your child’s education and growth. That is why we, at Vidhya Vishwalaya have developed state of the art infrastructure for your child within and without their classrooms, that shall prove extremely encouraging to their advancement.


The regular place of work of our children is the classroom which is a digitalized environment, an aerated surrounding, given the touchy edge with the most fabulous of additions – Our Teachers. The classrooms are also furnished with ‘Quick Libraries’ that are a small collection of books chosen on the basis of choice based behavior of the students of a particular age group.

The classrooms apart from their energizing structure, are also equipped with a variety of smart teaching and learning tools that help in making the process complete and efficient. Micro libraries installed in each classroom contains books and printed material customized for the children of the class, based on usage patterns and faculty suggestions.


“Without laboratories, men of science are soldiers without arms” says Louis Pasteur. Our school is equipped with state-of-art labs, not just for science but also for languages. Language labs across the world have proved to be great tools for time conscious, and precise teaching and learning of the language. This is a definite digital set up where a break-less teacher-student interaction is enabled, thus saving time and increasing efficiency.

Apart from the classrooms, various laboratories for the practice of science have also been setup to allow children experience the subjects that they have learnt. Language laboratories help the children attain language proficiency at a quicker and more efficient pace. The campus library contains a vast collection of a variety of books which prove as a foundation to versatility among students.

Scholastic Development

Special attention has been paid for the development of infrastructure for various extra-curricular activities, that include sports and scholastic activities. Dedicated sport facility and staff for numerable sports professionalise your children like no other. Co-scholastic activities include debate specialisation, panel discussions, eloquence development, music, dance & fine arts among others.

The vast opportunities in education and schooling present under one roof at Vidhya Vishwalaya open many doors for your children in aspects of being a valuable citizen and in career building. Let your children learn and enjoy the most of today for tomorrow’s dreams need realisation.

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