An idle mind is a devil’s workshop”…So then, an active mind?… God’s workshop?…..whatsoever, activity is a pathway to growth for every child…

Online Virtual Classes

With the world in the grip of a pandemic, our lives have changed significantly, in ways we could not have imagined. So has education and schooling. At Vidhya Vishwalaya, we swiftly stood up to the challenge and executed an Online Virtual Classroom environment powered by Google and commenced classes in the second week of June, 2020 as we would in any academic year. Classes have continued online since, with students spending between 3 to 4 hours in virtual classes. All classes are taught live using state-of-the-art virtual classroom technology driven by teachers working from the campus.

Time For Recreation

As the word suggests, reviving oneself completely is the purpose of recreation. Every child when indulged in the day long proceedings of activity based work, it is necessary to re-bring their full potential amidst their packed schedule of the day. Apart from the regular outdoor ground work, practical workshops, debates and discussions on academic topics among others and life skill, our children also get to meet people of great statures to get practical ideas learnt from real experiences. They also get to go places relating to their field of work which prove to both recreate and teach.

Creative Labs

Laboratories have, in history proved to be places that have borne the true fruits of science. With everything evolving quickly in the modern world, labs have taken their places not only everywhere but also in every field, and language is no exception. Language labs have become tools of efficient teaching and learning. So we have made it a point to set these up apart from the regular well-equipped science and math labs. These language labs are a digital set-up, in which two- way communication between the teacher and the student is enhanced such that there is no wastage of time in a teacher having to work differently on the basis of time and methodology. These have also proved their worth in teaching applicable language such as fixing micro-pronunciation errors, soft skills etc. Our regular activities in these labs of science, math and language shall be uploaded to this page on a regular basis, and please do post your suggestions if any.

Multi-Skill Development

Education is not just about building strong academic professionals, it is rather about building great citizens to this glorious land, a development in every respect, women and men able of free thought, and strong on skill. So, to build children to that sort of people they need to be taught to develop skill in a range of aspects. For this, even the basic activities that the children will do are compiled into a syllabus-like form to ensure and manage the skill development process of our children. This syllabus includes interaction, participation, leadership, governance and so on.


The definition of a valued professional in the modern day has seen and is experiencing drastic change. Objective thinking, innovative approach, problem-solving potential have taken the front rows of the sought-after skill-set. A valuable citizen is the end goal of any level of education, schooling being the first of those levels has to focus on projecting the students’ trajectory in the right direction.

In order to lay foundation for the ability to be part of the various elite universities across the globe, Vidhya Vishwalaya carries out its teaching process in a manner that enables students of critical thinking in the various divisions of science and math. This makes them capable of succeeding in their pursuit from the various competitive exams such as JEE, NEET, SAT, GRE etcetera.

Learning process from junior levels is designed in a way to achieve this. Dedicated faculty shall be engaged to support students at later stages of their schooling.

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