Monthly Events

Month events are a cumulative presentation of students’ knowledge, ideas, work and art, made during month-long engagements with specific themes and values designated for each month. The events are usually based around important cultural, spiritual, national or international observances that month.

Month Event Theme Value
June Environment Day Conservation of Nature Respect
July Heritage & Culture Honesty
August Independence Day Heritage & Culture Honesty
September Teachers Day Religion & Humankind Forgiveness & Compassion
October World Literacy Day Education for knowledge Gratitude
October Quiz – Part 1 India & other nations Current Affairs
November Children’s Day Inspirational Personalities Perseverance
December Good Governance Day Astute personality development Humility
December Quiz – Part 2 Books & Writers Current Affairs
January Republic Day Patriotism Responsibility
February Science Day Science & Technology Good conduct & courtesy
March Quiz – Part 3 Science & Technology Current Affairs
April Graduation Day

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