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Art, Science, Computer and Maths Expo

“Exploring the Intersection of Art, Science, Computer Science, and Mathematics.” Our students of Vidhya vishwalaya from Grade 1 – 9 showcased different exhibits such as interactive art installations, algorithmic art, mathematical models, virtual reality experiences, educational software, and more.Students were given the opportunity to present their research and projects through

KG Graduation – Musical Concert

Musical Concert “Experience the magic of music as our talented students steal the show” Our musicians of Vidhya Vishwalaya from grade 4 to grade 7 had created an extraordinary show with their soulful and impressive performance. Our students made a calm and peaceful atmosphere with their musical skills along with

KG Graduation Day 2024

“KG- Graduation”, it’s not an end, Just a beginning. Beginning to the threshold of a new chapter. Our KG gems of Vidhya Vishwalaya are stepping into the next grade. We celebrated the moment, we celebrated them and their success by a grand event called “KG- Graduation”. To cheer up our

Science Quiz 2024

Science of today is the technology of tomorrow – Edward Teller Quiz competition is unique as it combines fun, knowledge and competition. An Interhouse quiz competition was organized between the house conquerors and conservationists for the pupils of grade 1-9. There were different rounds like storm chasers, impulse biology, nouveau

MUN 2024

Model United Nations (MUN) trains today’s students to tomorrow’s leaders. Model UN conferences help students to develop the skills of public speaking, writing, lobbying and research skills. In addition, they often provide students with their first entry point into international affairs and concepts. These affairs and concepts include peace and

Youth Parliament 2024

Youth Parliament at our school is a cornerstone of fostering responsible citizenship and leadership skills among our students.The 14 states of India were represented by 14 delegates.It creates a platform for students to connect, collaborate, and drive positive change within our school community.Our students from Grade 5 to Grade 9

Republic Day 2024

Republic Day is a celebration of our unity in diversity. In our school Vidhya Vishwalaya we proudly celebrated 75th Republic Day with synchronised rhythm and disciplined precision as our students showcased their impeccable march-fast skills. To commemorate the 75th anniversary of the magnificent Republic of India, we celebrated Republic Day

Debate 6

Artificial Intelligence- Does it augment our intelligence???? Or Is Artificial Intelligence less than our intelligence??? The most controversial statement about AI gives the need for conducting debate on the topic “Is Artificial Intelligence – Bane or Boon”. The debate was carried out for the students of grade 5 and 6.

Thespians 2024

The world of drama staged by Vidhya Vishwalaya equips students with drama analysis through selected plays. Thespians – the drama fest was organised on January 12th in the campus to appreciate stories, art and culture that has a message and letting students be changed by experience. This fest led to

Village Visit 2024

“Discovering the charm of rural living through the eyes of students.” The students were given an opportunity to understand about local administration and governance by interacting with Mr. Satheesh, Block Development Officer (BDO), Anaimalai and Mr. Suresh, Sub Tahsildar. The Policies implemented by local administration were discussed and students clarified

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