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Event on Heritage and Culture

                   People without the knowledge of their past origin and culture is like a tree with no roots. This month event paved the way for our children to realise the heritage and culture of our nation. The day was filled with gracious

Cycle Rally – Paper Free Environment

               Vidhya Vishwalaya organised a cycle rally to create awareness about “Paper free environment”. The rally took off from Jyothi Nagar and tracked a thirty minute path passing through the busy streets of the town.                Third, fourth,

Krishna Jayanthi

                On the occasion of Krishna Jayanthi our Vidhya Vishwalayans dazzled in traditional costumes. Our blooming little stars stole the show as little Krishnas and Radhas in our Brindhavan. We had a show time where our children watched the mythological stories about the

Field Trip – Book Fair

Vidhya Vishwalayans visited the Book Fair 2019 at CODISSIA, Coimbatore as a part of the field trip on 25.07.2019. Students were enthralled to look into the immense collection of the books and had an opportunity to buy them according to their interest. They deemed it as a wonderful experience being


National science day is celebrated in India on 28 February each year. on this day , our little chefs of Vidhya Vishwalya were given the opportunity to “COOK WITHOUT FIRE” as cooking food is essentially a part of applied science. Eating is a necessity but cooking is an art and


70th Republic Day Celebration – India’s 70th Republic day was celebrated today with great reverence in our school. The day began with a prayer followed by fancy show where our students portrayed our brave freedom fighters. This was followed by speech by our student who portrayed Abdul kalam who was


Event on Assertive Personality Development – Assertiveness is a healthy way of developing self-confidence in an individual.The theme of this month is taken as Assertive personality development which will help our young minds in developing their self-confidence,dealing with criticism,respecting the preferences of others.So,Our students were put into teams and given


Gardening-“Gardening is the greatest pleasure of humans”.Our little buds planted the saplings and made an pleasant environment.Children can learn new skills, have fun, play and develop self-confidence by spending time in the garden, tending plants and growing their own garden.Our children love digging soil, getting dirty, creating things and watching


Event on Great Personalities – This month our Vishwalayans were introduced to the remarkable personalities who had made history on the global diaspora. They had possessed an intellectual strength and with their strong convictions they were able to tilt and spin the people and the government around the world. The

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