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Cycle Rally – Paper Free Environment

Vidhya Vishwalaya organised a cycle rally to create awareness about “Paper free environment”. The rally took off from Jyothi Nagar and tracked a thirty minute path passing through the busy streets of the town.

Third, fourth, fifth grade students turned up on their bicycles to participate in the rally. The main motive is to create awareness about recycling of papers. Vishwalayans share their views and discussed their ideas with ASP of Pollachi and certain other luminaries. They were awestruck by social responsibility of our young Vishwalayans and appreciated the kids for their effort and knowledge.

The appreciation given by the luminaries on our Vishwalayans

The ideas and speech by the students were very impressive. I appreciate their efforts.

Sivasamy(Retd ASP)

The eloquent way the kids came up with their presentation with fluency and clarity about the impact of paper on environment showed their knowledge on the subject. It seems the children were attuned to such social calls. They evinced confidence during their interaction. It was a great opportunity and we enjoyed the time with them.


Good effort by the school. Kids made a nice presentation. Such steps by school infuse confidence to kids.


Very good awareness given by the students. Almost all of them are having knowledge about the ‘Green World’. Very proud to see 5th , 4th and 3rd  grade children are doing this kind of presentation. Great way. We really appreciate your effort.

Pangajam Narayanan

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