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VANA MAHOTSAVA DAY – “Trees mean Water; Water means Bread; Bread is Life”. On this day of celebrating Forests, our kids have started their journey of knowing the history behind Vana Mahotsav, its importance and impact on our Mother Earth. Children with an opportunity provided by the Management for celebrating trees, shared their knowledge through various acts focusing on several topics like Vana Mahotsav history, Forest conservation, Medicinal values of plants and the battle between hybrid Vs indigenous species. Kinder garten kids started the program with their sweet lines “Little plant from the seed” which got highlighted by primary grade children’s skit ‘Parliament of Trees’. In the skit children showcased the emotions of trees. Exhibitions have been arranged on ‘Medicinal plants’ and the day ended by planting trees. Our heartfelt thankfulness to the Management for the day.

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