Science Club Inauguration

Science Club Inauguration

Launching into a World of Science “Vignyaan” to explore the boundless horizons of the science: Unveiling Our Science Club’s Odyssey!

The inauguration of the Science club of our school on 23rd April 2024, Thursday. The programme was honoured by the presence of chief guest Mr. ‘Kovai’ K Sadhasivam well known ecological activist, documentary filmmaker and writer. It was followed by the unveiling of the scroll by our correspondent sir. The logo and the name was revealed by the chief guest. It opens the door to a varied activities and programmes for the students in the upcoming academic year which helps them to learn the subject more efficiently.

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Art, Science, Maths and Computer Expo

“Exploring the Intersection of Art, Science, Computer Science and Mathematics.”

Our students of Vidhya vishwalaya from Grade 1 – 9 showcased different exhibits such as interactive art installations, algorithmic art, mathematical models, virtual reality experiences, educational software, and more.Students were given the opportunity to present their research and projects through poster presentations, oral presentations, or panel discussions ,working models and web page designing.We are Impressed by the talent and dedication of our student participants.

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Musical Concert

Musical Concert

“Experience the magic of music as our talented students steal the show”

Our musicians of Vidhya Vishwalaya from grade 4 to grade 7 had created an extraordinary show with their soulful and impressive performance. Our students made a calm and peaceful atmosphere with their musical skills along with guidance of our music sir. We are proud of our students who have given an excellent play within a short span of time. The parents and audience enjoyed the play and gave very positive feedback about the show. And this enhanced the motivation of our students to work even harder. A very big thank you to our Correspondent sir who made this event possible, also our pillar of strength, our Principal mam and the secretary of our school for encouraging us and leading us to the way of success.

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KG Graduation 2024

“KG- Graduation”, it’s not an end, Just a beginning.

Beginning to the threshold of a new chapter. Our KG gems of Vidhya Vishwalaya are stepping into the next grade. We celebrated the moment, we celebrated them and their success by a grand event called “KG- Graduation”.

To cheer up our kids, we had our ever supporting Correspondent Sir, Lovable Principal mam, encouraging parents and guardians. Our students delivered excellent performances and made the stage colourful.

We commenced our program with a blast of our kg students. And that was our highlight where all our students enjoyed the stage and let the balloon air followed by that students gave the introductory speech, and an excellent dance performance.The main achievement of our students was that, they explored their talents by showing themselves as a character of stories in Little Red Riding Hood and Three little pigs as skit and Gingerbreadman as musical drama, Ant and the Grasshopper as puppet show and Goldilocks and three bears as story narration and main characters of the stories arrived in Fancy dress as they had learned throughout the year which was very much appreciated by all the parents and audience.

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Science Quiz 2024

Science of today is the technology of tomorrow

– Edward Teller

Quiz competition is unique as it combines fun, knowledge and competition. An Interhouse quiz competition was organized between the house conquerors and conservationists for the pupils of grade 1-9. There were different rounds like storm chasers, impulse biology, nouveau etc made the students held their nerves and participate keenly.

The students displayed ecstatic spirit and enjoyed the quiz to the fullest. It must be written here that this type of competition enhances eagerness among students.

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MUN 2024

Model United Nations (MUN) trains today’s students to tomorrow’s leaders.

Model UN conferences help students to develop the skills of public speaking, writing, lobbying and research skills. In addition, they often provide students with their first entry point into international affairs and concepts. These affairs and concepts include peace and security, human rights, environment, development and rule of law issues.

Model United Nations is an academic simulation of the United Nations where students play the role of delegates from different countries and attempt to solve real world issues with the policies and perspectives of their assigned country . Our Grade 7th and 9th students of Vidhya Vishwalaya participated in PSG college of Engineering from (02/02/2024 to 04/02/2024).

Their MUN participation is one of the best evidence of our talented students to showcase versatility like research, public speaking, debating, delegating, critical thinking, teamwork and leadership along with unwavering confidence towards their skill development and learning process.

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Youth Parliament 2024

Youth Parliament at our school is a cornerstone of fostering responsible citizenship and leadership skills among our students.The 14 states of India were represented by 14 delegates.It creates a platform for students to connect, collaborate, and drive positive change within our school community.Our students from Grade 5 to Grade 9 took step to express their Ideas in Youth Parliament Sessions, their energetic contribution and active participation made them to gain a practical understanding of democratic processes.

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Republic Day 2024

Republic Day is a celebration of our unity in diversity. In our school Vidhya Vishwalaya we proudly celebrated 75th Republic Day with synchronised rhythm and disciplined precision as our students showcased their impeccable march-fast skills. To commemorate the 75th anniversary of the magnificent Republic of India, we celebrated Republic Day with a syncopated beat, and our children displayed their march-fast. Our pupils’ captivating multilingual speeches dominate the show. From raising the flag to giving motivational speeches, they embody the real meaning of dedication and perseverance.

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Debate 6

Artificial Intelligence- Does it augment our intelligence???? Or Is Artificial Intelligence less than our intelligence???

The most controversial statement about AI gives the need for conducting debate on the topic “Is Artificial Intelligence – Bane or Boon”. The debate

was carried out for the students of grade 5 and 6. The students were able to put forward their statements on both this view. The global artificial intelligence market

is projected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 37.3% between 2023 – 2030.Such a revolution in technology has been intriguing, and there has been a

lot of discussion around the topic- of AI- boon or bane.

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Thespians 2024

The world of drama staged by Vidhya Vishwalaya equips students with drama analysis through selected plays.

Thespians – the drama fest was organised on January 12th in the campus to appreciate stories, art and culture that has a message and letting students be changed by experience.

This fest led to learning,enjoying and reconnecting with joy, suspense and humour through classic disney stories like Cindrella and Sleeping beauty by Grade 1 students portraying a powerful presence. Grade 2 and 3 came up with tales that people tell each other out loud presenting Rip Van Winkle and Pied Piper with their terrific performances.

Being a part of a society, students of Grade 4 and 5 raised awareness on waste management and planting trees providing knowledge through an interactive platform – street play. The emotional connect with issues was well depicted.

The Clown show by Grade 6 and 7 was amazing while not hesitating to experiment, fall and challenge themselves, curiosity and inquisitiveness explored new sources through entertainment.

A top class performance from Grade 9 through the play Refund was an icing on the cake and nothing could have been better to end the show so beautifully.

Thespians ended on an appreciation note for the students from our respected chief guest – Mrs Jayashree Murthy – founder of Sthaayi theatre and it was really overwhelming for everyone us which provided us valuable insights.

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