National science day is celebrated in India on 28 February each year. on this day , our little chefs of Vidhya Vishwalya were given the opportunity to “COOK WITHOUT FIRE” as cooking food is essentially a part of applied science.
Eating is a necessity but cooking is an art and our vishwalayan’s experienced that kitchen is the heart of the home .
Delicious dishes like Wheat bread, Banana lessy, Beetroot salad, Dates energy balls, Vegetable salad, Bhel poori , Sprout salad, served as a feast for the senses and our stomach.
Finally our little master’s tasted the yummy food prepared by their friends and realized that “Health and cheerfulness naturally beget each other”.


70th Republic Day Celebration – India’s 70th Republic day was celebrated today with great reverence in our school.
The day began with a prayer followed by fancy show where our students portrayed our brave freedom fighters. This was followed by speech by our student who portrayed Abdul kalam who was accompanied by three wings of our military.
Finally all assembled and bowed to the strains of our national song , Vande Mataram, a perfect tribute to our motherland. Today we are proud of our nation’s achievements and let us look ahead to a bright future, as our nation has flourished despite adversities gloriously.


Event on Assertive Personality Development – Assertiveness is a healthy way of developing self-confidence in an individual.The theme of this month is taken as Assertive personality development which will help our young minds in developing their self-confidence,dealing with criticism,respecting the preferences of others.So,Our students were put into teams and given responsibilities.Their self-confidence and team work glowed in their presentations.
“Building Assertiveness is one step to becoming your best self, the person you want to be!”


Gardening-“Gardening is the greatest pleasure of humans”.Our little buds planted the saplings and made an pleasant environment.Children can learn new skills, have fun, play and develop self-confidence by spending time in the garden, tending plants and growing their own garden.Our children love digging soil, getting dirty, creating things and watching plants grow.Our children got a chance to learn skills like
Responsibility-from caring for plants.
Love of Nature-a chance to learn about the outdoor environment.
Physical Activity-doing something fun and productive.
Co-operation-including share play activity and team work.


Event on Great Personalities – This month our Vishwalayans were introduced to the remarkable personalities who had made history on the global diaspora. They had possessed an intellectual strength and with their strong convictions they were able to tilt and spin the people and the government around the world.
The unique ideologies of these personalities should be learnt and admired by our children to get to develop a strong consciousness about themselves.So we have introduced our children to these great people through the books and also had been given the opportunity to listen to the inspirational speeches that brought momentous changes around the world.Awe struck by these people,Our children were motivated to set goals in their lives and to subject themselves to an excruciating task of developing themselves into unique people.


Field Trip To Thrissur- Field trips leave spatial memories embedded in the brain.Our journey started with blissful experience at vadakkunnathan temple.This ancient Shiva temple is a classic example of architectural style of Kerala with monumental towers on all four sites and also a Kuttambalam. We could also got to know a little about the mural paintings on the walls of the temple.Our next stop is the Kerala,Dutch style palace-The Shakthan Thampuran palace.Our little buds got chance to see the bronze gallery,sculpture gallery,megalithic gallery and gallery of household utensils made of bronze and copper used by the rulers of Kochi. Entranced by the beauty of the palace.Then we made our next stop at Thrissur zoo.Our children were so much excited to get a chance to see all the wild animals at a closer prescimity. A marvelous experience with great fun and excitement was all about the day on a trip to Thrissur.


Children’s Day – Time for fun,cheers and joy.That’s all about children’s day.Giving them the time of their life. A day of bounteous activities were planned for our vidhyan’s by the teachers. Our boisterous vishwalayan’s exuberantly participated in the games and had exhibited fun.The day ended with the children’s hunting the treasure in the treasure hunt and vanquishing their gifts.


EVENT ON RELIGION & MANKIND – This event was taken as an opportunity to create Knowledge about the Religion to our young minds. Also they gained knowledge about respecting all religions and to lead their life in a peaceful manner. Students exhibited their communal harmony through a wonderful mime. Students shared their knowledge with their friends as a thoughtful talk-show by quoting the religious books. The young dazzling stars narrated a religious story in their babbling voice. Finally the day ended with a oath ” We will show tolerance towards all religion through our religious harmony and thereby upholding humanity ”


EVENT ON CULTURE & HERITAGE – This event was scheduled as a chance for us to impart in children our Culture. Also they were educated about the Monuments that adds up beauty to our Country. Children expressed their knowledge gathered through various modes of presentations. Event got highlighted by the skit performed on ‘Culture’. Children portrayed our culture of attire, respect and greeting. Thus the event ended with a cultural treat.


GOKULASHTAMI – The day was Divine and colorful. Our Vishwalaya Gokulans dazzled in their traditional wear, and our Radhas too. Children were taught about Shri Krishna’s birth and the moral that is delivered through his life. Also they got to know how Gokulashtami has to be celebrated spiritually in a perfect way. Children presented their love for Krishna through their Geetha chanting and music. They enjoyed the day a lot and ended up with ‘Uriyadi’ event.

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