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“Life is nothing without Science”

Science being our life we felt the pleasure in honoring Science on the day of Science by celebrating it. We were very thankful to the Nobel laureate Sir.C.V.Raman.

Vishwalayans  got to know about all the inventions, practically demonstrating it in their classes. With practical experience they came up with a clear understanding about each and every principle that is behind each invention and most importantly the principles involved in our day to day life activities. On the day Vishwalayans took a transformation as young APJ. We were very happy to watch our kids coming up with instant answers, competing healthily with each other in the quiz program. On the whole we enjoyed Science to the maximum. We are very thankful to the Management for supporting and motivating us every now and then.

Eagerly awaiting to see our Vishwalayans as Scholars & Scientists. 

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