National Reading Day

National Reading Day

Reading enhances the students’ reading skills, creative skills, analytical skills, vocabulary and concentration.

On the occasion of National Reading Day, a reading marathon was organised by the Utopian club. Students were engaged in a week-long Read-a-thon.

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World Environment Day

“Only One Earth” is the campaign slogan, with the focus on “Living Sustainably in Harmony with Nature”. World Environment Day is an occasion to think about how we are a part of nature and how intimately and unequivocally we depend on it for survival.

Students were involved in various co-curricular activities like play, skit, dance, mime, speech and rhymes. By participating in such activities students gained awareness on saving Nature for posterity.

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Religion and Mankind

In spirit of the October month theme – “Religion and Mankind”, students took part in various activities. Narration of inspiring stories on Forgiveness, speeches on the impacts of Religion on Mankind throughout History covered the event. The highlight of the event though, was the skit performances by students of Class 6. Achieving a well-coordinated, seamless performance despite being on a virtual platform stood testimony to the passion and tireless preparation of the students and teachers. Informative, Inspiring and Compelling!

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Independence Day

Being the second online event of this year, we took things a little forward and more spontaneous with an Independence Day trivia to mark India’s 73rd anniversary of achieving Independence. Students from two teams Yin and Yang competed in 5 unique rounds spread across 3 levels. Titled “Independence movements and the Dominion era”, the quiz focused on a range of Independence movements that reminisced the sacrifices of millions of fellow Indians that these movements were made up of and those that steered India through the Dominion era. Team Yin outperformed Yang 267-158 points starting off a year-long contest full of competitive spirit and energetic participation.

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Like everything else this year, Gokulashtami day events were held online, giving both the students and the teachers a first experience. Students of classes 1 and 2 narrated mythological stories from the life of Lord Krishna and other popular mythological characters associated with his life. Students of classes 3 and 4 role-played the various other Avatars of Lord Vishnu, while the students of Class 6 delivered eloquent speeches on their interpretations of various excerpts from The Gita. Though remotely held, the event brought students’ ideas and performances brought everybody closer to one another.

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Event on Heritage and Culture

People without the knowledge of their past origin and culture is like a tree with no roots. This month event paved the way for our children to realise the heritage and culture of our nation. The day was filled with gracious performance of our children.

                “Dancing is like dreaming with your feet.” Especially, Indian classical dance is sustained by a profound philosophy. It was proved by our students.

                “Unity in diversity is India’s strength.” We may have different religions, different languages, different coloured skin but we all belong to one community “Human – Race”. Our children prove this by their wonderful performance.

                “Our Indian Army is like a mother, does the work selflessly and never asked for anything in return.” Our students won the heart of the audience by performing the Pulwama attack as a MIME.

                On the whole this month gave us an opportunity to recollect and gather many factual information about our nation and made us to feel proud about being an Indian.


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Cycle Rally – Paper Free Environment

Vidhya Vishwalaya organised a cycle rally to create awareness about “Paper free environment”. The rally took off from Jyothi Nagar and tracked a thirty minute path passing through the busy streets of the town.

Third, fourth, fifth grade students turned up on their bicycles to participate in the rally. The main motive is to create awareness about recycling of papers. Vishwalayans share their views and discussed their ideas with ASP of Pollachi and certain other luminaries. They were awestruck by social responsibility of our young Vishwalayans and appreciated the kids for their effort and knowledge.

The appreciation given by the luminaries on our Vishwalayans

The ideas and speech by the students were very impressive. I appreciate their efforts.

Sivasamy(Retd ASP)

The eloquent way the kids came up with their presentation with fluency and clarity about the impact of paper on environment showed their knowledge on the subject. It seems the children were attuned to such social calls. They evinced confidence during their interaction. It was a great opportunity and we enjoyed the time with them.


Good effort by the school. Kids made a nice presentation. Such steps by school infuse confidence to kids.


Very good awareness given by the students. Almost all of them are having knowledge about the ‘Green World’. Very proud to see 5th , 4th and 3rd  grade children are doing this kind of presentation. Great way. We really appreciate your effort.

Pangajam Narayanan

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Krishna Jayanthi

On the occasion of Krishna Jayanthi our Vidhya Vishwalayans dazzled in traditional costumes. Our blooming little stars stole the show as little Krishnas and Radhas in our Brindhavan. We had a show time where our children watched the mythological stories about the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The kids also eloquently narrated the avatars of Lord Krishna. We had a blissful celebration with reverent music and chanting by our kids. The day of pomp and fun came to an end with the bursting of balloons and uriyadi.

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Event on World Environment Day, Van Mahotsav and Education for Knowledge

All the above events were celebrated with lots and lots of joy and pleasure in our school. Moreover the children were inculcated with the great value “Respect”.

Let’s nurture the nature so that we can have better future”

World environment day is celebrated every year World Wide on 5th of June. It was established by U.N. general assembly in 1972 in order to raise the global awareness about the environmental issue. Children were made to realise the importance of our environment and the necessity to conserve them.

“We have only one home – the Earth”

Van Mahotsav” a weeklong festival of tree planting is organised every year in the month of July. All across India lakhs of trees are planted. This celebration was an ideal opportunity to instill the values of social responsibility in the students towards safeguarding tress and forest. The focus of celebration was forming a connection between the students and trees.

Students realised it’s importance and portrayed it as a skit which was a heart touching performance.

“Conserve water, conserve life”

Water conservation refers to the prevention of pollution, control and development of water resources both surface and ground water. Students performed a mind blowing mime portraying the consequences of wasting water in our daily life. Now they are sure about how to conserve water.

“Life itself is a teacher and you are in stage of constant learning”

Education gives us the knowledge to see this world in a better way. The giving of love is an education in itself.

Knowledge will give you power but character gives you respect”

Children were educated about the value “Respect” and they expressed it in a skit and they won the hearts of the audience. Last but not the least, the KG children came up with the benefits of fruits and recited the importance of having fruits and vegetables.

On the whole this event was stuffed with full fledged themes, values and gracious performances of the children.    

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Field Trip – Book Fair

Vidhya Vishwalayans visited the Book Fair 2019 at CODISSIA, Coimbatore as a part of the field trip on 25.07.2019.

Students were enthralled to look into the immense collection of the books and had an opportunity to buy them according to their interest. They deemed it as a wonderful experience being with books of wider range and considered that as a motivation to enhance their knowledge by developing good reading habits.

“What we learn” becomes a part of “Who we are”. Our Vishwalayans combined learning with fun to a field trip to Gee Dee Museum. A museum which had an eclectic range of automobiles that leads to innovative creations. They had an experience of seeing different cars used in early 20th century. Students also visited the Gee Dee Science Museum. There they saw many science based equipments and inventions. They got an idea on effective usage of technology in their day to day life.  

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